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Benefits of Low Glycemic Index Foods | Health

The glycemic index (GI) is a value that determines the change in the amount clomifencitrat of glucose in the blood. It shows how units increase the amount of sugar, that is, how quickly glucose enters the blood when people eat any kind of food.

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If you follow a variety of diets, you must first ensure that foods have a low glycemic index. The experts took glucose as its basis, its GI is 100 units, and the indices of other food products make up the corresponding number of units of relatively GI glucose.

Foods with low GI – gradually and slowly saturate the blood with glucose, while food with a high rate – almost instantly.

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A GI score of 70 and above will be high, from (53 to 69) – medium, from 52 and less – low. The lower the GI, the better for people who want to lose weight, because mat complex carbohydrates have a low GI. In addition, these carbohydrate components in our body do not turn into fat and do not accumulate on the sides.

How do low-GI foods help you lose weight?

Extra kilos are known to be an excess of calories. The fact is, in themselves, calories are simply a measure of the energy transmitted by carbohydrates. Our body needs energy in order to move, that is, live anatomia e foto di laooconte a full life! Excess calories are not good for us when people eat them more than they need. This is where low-GI foods come in.

These foods will extend the digestive process and create the necessary level of sugar in the body. But the high GI of products – causes a short-term increase in energy, which is subsequently accompanied by rapid absorption of sugar. In this case, glucose is not used and turns into body fat.

If you combine several products with low GI in one meal (low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and an apple), then you will not want to eat for a long time! Therefore, it is recommended to start the day not with a sweet bun with butter and coffee, but with complex carbohydrates (a variety buy fit fashion gastronomie fitness von alfonso of cereals, rye bread and cereal bread, vegetables, fruits, non-fat dairy products).

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If you combine proteins and carbohydrates in the food process, the overall glycemic index will decrease. Proteins help slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood, and the presence of carbohydrates contributes to better absorption of proteins.

Most vegetables, including cabbage, have a low GI (15 – 52). Many people consider the cabbage diet to be the most effective. It allows you to lose weight by 9-13 kilograms in just two weeks. Why is the cabbage diet reviews and results, many people express its effectiveness, so popular? Maybe because, many achieved a positive result – they got rid of excess weight.

Preference is given to a diet based on cabbage soup. If you adhere to this diet for a long time (2 months), then it is realistic to get rid of up to 6 kilograms after 8 days, and after another week throw off another 3-4 kilograms.

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Along with the cabbage diet, you can lose weight using an equally effective technique that does not increase glucose levels. It is based on linseed oil.

Using linseed oil for weight loss, you can get rid of 2 to 5 kilograms per week. Flaxseed oil contains useful polyunsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to the proper metabolism and increase the absorption of the organic compounds our body needs. The process of losing weight is achieved due to the effect of oil on the human intestines, which is cleaned of toxins and toxins.

Ingestion of one teaspoon twice a day (treatment course) for a week. Gradually adjust the intake of oil to one tablespoon. The duration of the course is two months. To drink – in the morning before meal, and in the evening after meal, without washing down with water. Drink plenty of water throughout the day!

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